The World’s Finest

Recorded March 16, 2012.
Hosted by Michele Arcand.

Special Beg-A-Thon edition of Local Motives! According to Jan, the show has been on the air for nearly 25 years. Help us keep live local music on the air. Call and make a pledge to help support WMPG: 207-874-3000 (through March 21st).

The World’s Finest is:
Erin St. John
Jeff Pellerin
Al Lefebvre

Big Ledge Boys
Don’t Tell Me Why
Deep, Deep Swamp
How High, How Low
Both Fall Down*
Don’t Treat Me Strange*
The Pledge Song
Sorry, didn’t catch this one
Too Many Times
57 Chevrolet

Notes: If anyone can give me real titles for anything I’ve missed (marked with an * or noted), post a comment. Thanks.

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