Truth About Daisies

Recorded February 24, 2012.
Hosted by Leah Renee.

Truth About Daisies is:

Sheila McKinley – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Doug Swift – guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals
Ronda Dale – bass, vocals


John & Mary
Hard Times
Whatcha Doin’
NYC Blues*
Mrs Gilley*
Hard To Do
Fare Thee Well
I Don’t Need You
Civil War**
If She Can Stand It, I Can
La Vie En Rose
Fists of Rage
Black Sheep**
Pink Peonies

* = Studio tracks played from the self-titled album, “Truth About Daisies”. (iTunes link)
** = My best guess at titles, either they didn’t mention them or I just didn’t catch them. Sorry!

Notes: There were in-studio technical difficulties for the first half. I don’t know for sure, but I’ll just say it was my fault.

Find more information on the Truth About Daisies website.

Listen to the whole show below. Right-click on the download link to save.


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