Recorded January 19, 1996.

The Boarders were:

Doug Hubley – guitar, vocals
Gretchen Schaefer – bass
Jonathan Nichols – drums


Short Wave Radio
Slow Poison
Thousand Pounds of Sand
All Over
Watching You Go
Trouble Train
Breaker’s Remorse
Je t’aime
There Is A War*
Middle Eastern Medley
Paint It Black**
The Partisan*

* Leonard Cohen cover
** Rolling Stones cover

Notes: This is the oldest show I have (personally). Quality leaves something to be desired, I had to turn my speakers up to 11 to hear Doug speak between songs. No apparent host, I think Doug even reads an underwriter card at one point. Show ends around the 58 minute mark.

Doug & Gretchen still perform together as Day For Night. Doug has a blog that is incredibly interesting for anyone interested in the history associated with the Portland music scene.


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