Gunther Brown

Recorded July 13, 2012.
Hosted by Josh Lovejoy.

Gunther Brown is:

Pete Dubuc – vocals, guitar
Chris Plumstead – electric guitar
Derek Mills – drums


Great Eustis Jailbreak*
So Long Friend*
(Don’t Forget To) Don’t Go
Come Running
Same Place, Same Time
Girlfriend In A Coma (The Smiths)
Should Have Seen It Coming
Hello Tonight
In The Spring
The Ship
Up To Me
Miss Ohio (Gillian Welch)

Notes: Songs marked * are studio versions from the Gunther Brown album and Pete’s album The Ship. Miss Ohio suffers from encoding stutters. :( Check out Gunther Brown’s website for more.

All proceeds from the sale of The Ship go to the American Cancer Society. Please pick it up either at your local Bull Moose store or from



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