Zach Jones

Hosted by Michele Arcand
Recorded June 29, 2012

Zach Jones & the _________ are:

Zach Jones – vocals, guitar
Kate Beever – vibepipes
Chris Sweet – drums
Anthony Druin – guitar


Things Were Better
If You Don’t Care
Hard To Get
Used To Be So Young
Why Should I Cry
Bittersweet Melody
Wish I Could Dance
Back Home
All The Time
Same Mistake
Just Out Of Reach*
Things Unsaid
Things Were Better (reprise)

album track from Things Were Better

Thanks Michele for asking and Zach for answering my question about the decision to do a couple songs in mono! 😀 Wish I could have been there.

Find more Zach Jones on his website or “like” his page on Facebook.


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