Begathon – Fall 2012

It’s Sunday morning and I’m at the station answering phones while Isaac is on with The Locals. There’s coffee, Bintliff’s and lunch is coming from Flatbread. Give us a call at 207-874-3000 and help keep WMPG on the air! Lots of thank you gifts too!

I got involved with WMPG a little over a year ago. Growing up, I always thought that radio DJs must have the coolest jobs on the planet and always wanted to try my hand at it. Last year, while getting the Maine Music Wiki going, I asked Leah if I could come in during Local Motives some night and just rifle through the local shelves. She was hesitant, but offered to have me on as a guest to talk about the site. I did, it was a blast, and I knew I had to be more involved. So I took a class to get certified for air (3 short classes…and cheap!) and started filling in a bit here and there, including hosting and working on the Local Motives website. I wanted to make the Local Motives archives more accessible and preserve them as much as I could.

So now I’ve taken over a producer on the show and have some big shoes to fill. Leah did a great job with it over the last couple of years. I love being able to come in here each Friday night and have bands in. I believe that every band, no matter how short lived or well known, is someone’s favorite band. I still listen to my friend’s band from nearly 20 years ago regularly. I want to make sure these bands get recognized and recorded so that there is some record that they were here (this has been my goal for Maine Music Wiki as well).

None of this can happen without your support. Without our listeners, WMPG would not be here and Local Motives would not exist. We have an incredible local music scene around here and I want to continue to preserve what I can. I love this town and everyone who is passionate about the music they’re making.

WMPG really is a community radio station. If you’re interested in seeing the station and meeting some of us, I strongly encourage you to stop by this week during Begathon (through Wednesday). If you think radio can still be awesome and unique and not limited to a 12 song playlist, give us a call at 207-874-3000 or donate online at!


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