Post Provost

Colin on de bass

Colin on de bass

Recorded September 7, 2012
Hosted by Josh

Post Provost is:

Dave Gange – vocals, guitar
Saeko Nishimura – vocals, keys, accordion
Johnny Venom – keys, vocals
Colin Winsor – bass, vocals
Chris Sweet – drums


Saeko on the accordion

Saeko on the accordion

Laundry Day
Didn’t Mean To Love Her
Family Tree
Walking Cadaver
Bread & Wine
XX My Love
The True Unbelievers (The Spider Song)
You Are Alive
Anatomical Theater
Post Reggae
Time Piece

Notes: A little bit of technical difficulty at the beginning, but it worked out and everything sounded terrific! As far as I know, this is only the second time a mouth trumpet has been featured on Local Motives. The last time was Monique Barrett back in March of this year.

Find more Post Provost on Facebook and buy the album on iTunes or order a hard copy directly from the band!

Thanks to Johnny Venom for the photos!

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