Our guests for Fall Begathon 2012 were Dan Bodoff, Trent Gay and Kevin Kennie from the podcast. turned 2 years old last week, and the gentlemen were kind enough to spend some time with me before heading off to the 207 Brand launch party talking about the podcast and local music.

The way I figure it, these fellows have somewhere around 50 years Maine music experience between the three of them. See: Shufflin’ Tremble, Loud Neighbor, Headstart, Trailor, Stars Look Down, All Night Chemist, Paranoid Social Club… they know what they’re talking about.

I said it during the show, but I was so thankful when I discovered the podcast. Here were a couple of people (now a few, I guess) who loved the scene and were sharing in depth conversations with their guests and audience. As a fan it gave me an opportunity to hear a side of all these people, who I only knew through their music, that gave me an idea of who they really were.

If you’ve never checked out, go there right now… okay AFTER you listen to this… subscribe, listen. This is a side of local music you don’t hear often.

Songs in this episode:

Kurt Baker – WMPG. Friday Night.
Kurt Baker – Girl’s Got Money
Computer At Sea – Palace (Exterior)
Sunset Hearts – Past Lives
Trails – It Goes On
Dirty White Hats – Buy Me A Drink  (ft. Cam Groves)
Sontiago & Dilly Dilly –  I Spy Fake

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