Lincolnville [FROM THE ARCHIVES]

Recorded August 22, 1997
Hosted by Sherie Dyer

Lincolnville‘s Black Box  (1999) album was pretty successful, if memory serves me. Kill The Show” and “Heavenly Calm” both got quite a bit of air play on WCYY at the time. Up until some time in 2011, I had mostly forgotten about the album. Then one day, I was flipping through my collection and pulled it out. As soon as “You Know What You Are” started, I remembered how much I loved the album. I got obsessed with it (and “Kill The Show” in particular) all over again. It remains one of my all-time favorite local albums.

I was downright giddy when I found this Local Motives disc in the WMPG archives. I have a vague memory of seeing the band play once, but I could just be making that up to keep myself from being depressed that I never did. This recording is from 2 years before the only Lincolnville (proper) album came out, but it contains fully realized versions of more than half the songs from Black Box. The rest are from CAR‘s Lincolnville album (addressed right after “Heaven”) except for “Captain”, which seems to be an unreleased song.

You can actually buy Black Box on Amazon’s MP3 store or even order a physical copy if you just need to have it (you should).

Lincolnville was:

Colin Decker – vocals, guitar
Neil Collins – bass, vocals
Ryan Dolan – drums, vocals


Kill The Show
Medicate Luck
Stories Change
All These Winters
Selling His Guns
There Was The Fire

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