Pete Witham & Dark Follies

Recorded October 19, 2012
Hosted by Michele Arcand

Pete With & Dark Follies are:

Pete Witham – vocals, guitar
Drew Wyman – bass
Selcouth – mistress
Anne Murray – accordian
Brent Nelson – percussion
Nikki Shields – percussion
Steve Carpenter – music director, percussion


Killing Time
Dancing With The Dead
Rast Kars Lama
I Won’t Go Gently
Suicide Blues
It All Comes Down To You
Jovano Jovanka
(Percussion demo)
Last Minute Reprieve
La Valse Laurencienne
You Weren’t My First

Notes: I missed this show (sadly), but it sure ended up sounding like a lot of fun! Check out more Pete Witham on his website and Dark Follies on theirs!


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