Recorded November 16, 2012
Hosted by Ben from Hip Hop Is Alive (Mondays, 3p-5p)

Even though his DJ wasn’t able to make it, Spose still came through and spent some time with Ben. We got a few CD tracks, a few live tracks and a solid conversation. Thanks to Ben for coming in and talking much more intelligently about hip hop than I could have, and thanks to Spose for spending an evening with us. You can find Spose on his website, Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and I’m convinced that The Yard Sale Kickstarter succeeded entirely because he came on the show. So you’re welcome, Spose.


The Pdank roster
You Can’t Get There From Here (CD track) – 09:21
“I’m Awesome” video
Stealing pillows
The Letter R (live rap) – 21:02
Weather break
Jimmy! (CD track) – 32:54
The Yard Sale Tour
Kickstarter campaign
Vinyl & Cassettes
Can I Rap Again? (live rap) – 46:47
Rapping in high school
Cover nights
The Phoenix
Who are you listening to?
Christmas Song (CD track) – 1:11:09
Bases covered
Coolio (live rap) – 1:25:16
Wrap up


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