Since there isn’t a podcast this week…

Last Friday, WMPG shut down for about 24 hours due to that 3 feet of snow that dumped on us, so there wasn’t any Local Motives. :-( That means no podcast this week. But in the last week or so, a couple cool Local Motives things have popped up, so I thought I’d share them:

Arcane Lore video

John Randall has been coming in every now to shoot video. Here’s the footage he got from Arcane Lore‘s show. Songs here are Gravity; Shut Up & Dance; Wind, Sea, Sky; Daybreak.


“Radio Silence (vik44 mix)”

This is so cool. A couple weeks ago when Trent Gay and Anna Lombard were in, they performed this song of Trent’s. Vik44 spent his snow day adding some drums & strings. I wish I had the talent to do something like this! It came out great.

[jwplayer playlistid=”1018″]


The podcast will be back next week with Monique Barrett – it was a great show, I hope you enjoy it! John also got some footage of her, so hopefully we see that soon too.


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