Clubber Lang

Recorded March 15, 2013
PhotoGrid_1364068234083Hosted by Josh Lovejoy
Sound by Craig Springer

Clubber Lang is:

Sean Slaughter – vocals
Joey Nash – guitar, vocals
Jason Marshall – bass, vocals
Stefen Samuels – drums


Finish Line
Robot Rock
That’s When The Roaches Come Marching In
The Foreman Awakens the Sleeping Colossal Giant
The Anvil That Broke The Camel’s Back
I Want You Don’t Want Me
Get A Taste*
The New Atlantis
Lame Duck
Get A Taste

Notes: It was a full house for this show. Our good friend Mike Solak was in to take some pictures, Chris came along with the band, and Falmouth high school student Jonathan (along with dad Steve) was in to get a taste for live radio & get in a couple questions for the band. I still can’t believe that the band left the studio and went right to The Big Easy for another set.

Check out Clubber Lang on their website, Facebook or Reverbnation.

* rough mix from upcoming EP

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