Max Garcia Conover & Sammie Francis

Recorded March 8, 2013
Hosted by Michele Arcand
Sound engineer: Craig Springer

The guests:

Max Garcia Conover – vocals, guitar
Sammie Francis – vocals, piano, guitar
Max Taylor – guitar


The Wedding Line (Max)
New Beast (Max)
Barn (Max)
Yes, Please (Sammie)
A Squall, A Plea(Sammie)
Augie’s Tale (Sammie)
The Glow #4 (Max)
Wonderful Life (Max, by the Felice Brothers)
Gone (Max)
The Rope (Sammie)
The New Ballad of Alan McKenzie (Sammie)
The Corner Room (Sammie)
Thatch House (Max)
The Kite & The Shore (Sammie)
As Much a Rising Sun as a Setting One (Max & Sammie)

Notes: Some of the audio is a little low. I’m going to try to upload a better version next week, but I wanted to get this up. It’s always nice to have a couple people trading songs on the show, and this was the second time in two months!

You can find more Max Garcia Conover on his website.

And more Sammie Francis on her website.

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