Thee Icepicks

Recorded May 24, 2013
Hosted by Josh Lovejoy
Sound by Jeff Mathews

Thee Icepicks are:

Dr. Tourette St. Vitus – guitar, vocals
Bloodbath The Chef – drums
Captain Decapitator – bass
The Sergin’ General – guitar


From Telstar to Uranus
The Hearse
Journey to the Stars
Haulin’ Hearse
Rumble Stripper
Surfin’ Lobotomy
No Coke and No Tequila
The Cruel Sea
Lone Biker of the Apocolypse
Ghost Riders
Shit Sandwich
Junk of Pork*
The Sub Zero Stomp
Surfin’ Bird
The Yeti

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Notes: I did cut the KGFreeze song out of this. If you want to hear that, give a listen to that whole episode. I’ll admit, I was frightened to have the undead on the show, but they were perfect gentlemen. We had some issues at the beginning of the show, but we got ’em worked out. Rob was awesome enough to let the band carry on into Stay Rude for a bit. My high quality recording cut off during the last song, so I replaced it with a lower bit rate version. Hopefully it isn’t too bad.

Man…volume is WEAK on the songs here… I’m going to post it like this and try to get something better up next week. Sorry about that.

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