Mr Bear

Recorded June 28, 2013Mr Bear performing at WMPG
Hosted by Josh Lovejoy

Mr Bear is Jamie Pearson


Set 1
Set 2
Cafe Yaucono (CD track)

Notes: Ahhh. What a nice chill evening this was. It was really cool to see someone creating like this up close. I’ve had a general idea of how it works, but never seen it done. Thanks so much to Mr Bear for coming in on such short notice! Check out his website where there’s news, video, free music and you can get in touch about Jamie & Wren’s house concerts (Fuego Diablo).

Special Note: As mentioned on the show, WMPG was dealt a $12,000 cut in funding from the CPB due to federal budget sequestration. In order to make this up, the station held a quick two day fundraiser last Friday and Saturday – taking pledges and selling CDs, records and shirts. We’re still a little bit short, so if you appreciate what WMPG does, or even more specifically, what we do with Local Motives, PLEASE hop on over to and make a donation. Or swing by the station and do it in person. See the people who who volunteer their time week after week and love sharing music and stories with you. Thanks.

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