Forget, Forget

Recorded August 30, 2013
Hosted by Michele Arcand & Josh Lovejoy
Sound by Jeff Mathews & Reid Stevensen

Forget, Forget is:

Tyler DeVos – vocals, guitar
Dominic Grosso – bass
Johanna Sorrell – cello
Aaron LaChance – drums
Patia Maule – keys, violin, vocals
Hamilton Mckay Belk – MIA
John Nels Blanchette – MIA


The Southerner
Synapses Crossing
It’s My Illness
Double Meanings*
Two People*

Notes: They were unexpectedly down 2 guitar players, but Forget, Forget still came in and treated us to a quick stripped down set. We had some issues getting the sound sorted out during the first song, but after that I think it sounds pretty derned good. Check them out on their website and get over to One Longfellow tomorrow night for their CD release (with Rural Ghosts and These Animals)!

taken from the album We Are All


I did cut out the few songs I played before they came on, but for your reference, they were:

Rural Ghosts – Brightside (hey, they even have a “live on WMPG” EP to download!)
Phantom Buffalo – Wedding Day Massacre
Sorcha & the Clearing – Delirious
Dark Hollow Bottling Company – Why We Dream (live)

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