Pete Witham & the Cozmik Zombies

Recorded December 6, 2013
Hosted by Josh Lovejoy & Mike Solak
Sound by Craig Springer

Pete Witham & the Cozmik Zombies is:

Pete Witham – vocals, electric guitar
Steve Dunphy – acoustic guitar
Adam Barber – upright bass
Kevin Roper – piano


Rockin’ Gypsy
Party Like a Carney
Killing Time (partial)
Step on Up
Dancing with the Dead
All I Want for Christmas (Is a Gun)
Waiting for the Drugs to Kick In
It All Comes Down to You
Trailer Park of Love*
Suicide Blues
Your Kitty Kat Wants Out
Pardon Me

Notes: It’s been over a month since this was recorded. These guys must think I’m such a dink. Anyway, they were awesome. Mike, being a big fan, was in the studio. I still have no idea what happened during Killing Time. Check out Pete Witham & the Cozmik Zombies on Facebook or on their Reverbnation page.

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