Scott Girouard

Recorded February 14, 2014IMG_20140214_204331
Hosted by Josh Lovejoy

OMG. I’m so dumb. I forgot to trim the start of the MP3. I’ll fix it and re-upload it. For now, just skip the first 10 minutes or so.


Dark Hollow Bottling Company – Nature Girl
Samuel James – Rosa’s Sweet Lil’ Love Song
Eric Bettencourt – Harold and Maude
Billy Carroll – I’m In Love With You
Dan Knudsen – I Won’t Hurt You
PCP – So Cold
Scott Girouard – Scenic Heights
Rustic Overtones – Brand New Friend
Diana Hansen – Kiss a Little Bit
Scott Girouard – Moustache
The Kenya Hall Band – Only One
Trumystic – Legendary Love
Elijah Ocean – As Long As You Don’t Mind Me Lovin’ You
David Jacquet – Grow Old Together
Scott Girouard – How Deep Is Your Love
Scott Girouard – Bluebird
Emilia Dahlin – Captivated
Zhelanye – What You Fear
Headstart – Home vs Away

Notes: My wife probably would have preferred I spend Valentine’s Day evening with her, but local music called! Scott Girouard came in and we spun some local-style love songs and Scott played a few songs he’s been working on. Check it out, enjoy, and get sexy.

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