Monique Barrett

Recorded March 14, 2014
Hosted by Michele Arcand
Sound by Reid Stevensen and Dan Kelly


Elea’s Lullaby
Don’t Want to Go Home
Let Go
Your Smile
Stay Awhile
Rachel’s Birthday Song

US Folk Setlist:

Make It Better
Don’t Want to Go Home

Notes: A few cracks and pops during the first song due to a faulty something-or-other, but quickly dealt with! Definitely go check out Monique’s album on Bandcamp or stop by your local Bull Moose. I’m wicked sorry to be posting this so far after the fact. As a bonus, Monique was on US Folk earlier the same day. I’m including that recording here as well! DOUBLE MONIQUE!

Monique Barrett on WMPG’s US Folk with Chris Darling

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