TriPolar Foundation

Recorded May 30, 2014
Hosted by Josh Lovejoy
Sound by Reid Stevenson, Dan Kelly, & Chaz Wing

Notes: The TriPolar Foundation brought in a preview of the weekend’s TriPolar Teen Throwdown last week. There were a ridiculous number of people in the house, very few of whom I had the chance to thank properly. So just briefly, thank you all for your time and patience – we’ve never done anything quite like this and it was a bit crazy.

Now, about the TriPolar Foundation. Their mission:

The mission of The TriPolar Foundation is to provide support to local musicians, by providing free or low cost instruments and equipment to economically disadvantaged youth musicians and creating networking opportunities through performance events which utilizing seasoned musician and industry mentors which enhances the local music community overall.

You can find more information on their Facebook page. Thanks to Jessica Pooley, Billy Mac, and Riff Johnson from the foundation for being there.

As for the show, the sound fellows did their best, but there were a lot of moving parts in having 4 bands on. The mixes suffered a bit because of it and I do apologize, but hopefully we can get each of the bands back in for a full show in the future and make it right. In the case of Smells Like Teen Spirit, I had to cut the song because something happened and there was just NO guitar at all.

Hafsol is:

Alex Winn – guitar
Chase Winn – bass, vocals
Brian Wright, Jr – drums


Dani California (RHCP)
One Among the Clouds
The Seeker (The Who)
Hitchin’ a Ride (Green Day)

Hafsol on Facebook.

Fading Dawn is:

Dylan Frost – vocals, guitar
Alex Winn – guitar, vocals
Jordan Roubinek – bass, vocals
Tyler Bilodeau – drums


All the Small Things (Blink 182)
Say It to Your Face
Holiday (Green Day)

Fading Dawn on Facebook.

Rebels of Solace is:

Ryan Morrill – vocals
Isaac Thibodeau – guitar
Nate DeFisher – guitar
Billy Seaman – drums


Welcome to the Lie
The Body Count
Buried in Silence

Rebels of Solace on Facebook.

Random Ideas is:

Kinsey Johnson – guitar
Lexi – vocals, bass
Meagan – drums


In the End (Green Day)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
Best of Luck

Random Ideas on Facebook.

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