Battery Steele

Recorded August 15, 201410568872_549879878474584_8919850479265336118_n
Hosted by Bobby
Sound by Josh Lovejoy

Battery Steele is:

Nick Scala – vocals, guitar
Corey Tibbetts – bass, vocals
Henry Redman – drums, vocals


The End Won the War
New song #1
Stop the Presses
New song #2
Balance the Shallow
Stale Reasons
Heart Attacks
New song #3
New song #4

Notes: First, big apologies for still being like 2 weeks behind. I tried to get a video posted of “Stop the Presses” and “Cracks”, but my computer is junk and it just isn’t happening. ANYWAY, I loved this show. Nick has always been a good friend and one of my favorite singer/songwriters around town. So good to finally get him and this band in. Listening back, Corey’s bass lines and Henry’s drums are just awesome. Good sports to just jam on 2 songs they hadn’t even finished (the last 2). Check out their Facebook page and grab the EP at their Bandcamp page!

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